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Join The Movement!

Open to everyone, across age groups and fitness levels.

Begin Your Parctice

MapMyPilates’ Live Online sessions offer Mat Pilates & Barre workouts in both group and private formats over zoom. 

In addition they are trained to incorporate props, exercise balls, pilates bar, magic circle, resistance bands and weights to enhance the online experience.  Open to everyone, across age groups and fitness levels.

Group Sessions

Sessions focus on toning, muscle building and fat loss. With a specially designed program to fit everyone's needs.


12 sessions or Unlimited sessions

Plan validity: 30 days 

  • 13+ sessions in a week to choose from. Spanning from Monday- Sunday. 

  • Choose any class, on any day- there is complete flexibility! Don’t need to commit in advance. 

  • Validity is for 30 days. (all sessions must be completed within the 30 day window)

  • Please find attached timetable for sessions and timings here


Private Sessions

Private sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs. They can focus on anything from toning to rehabilitation.


12 Sessions or Per Session 
Plan validity: 30 days 

  • Senior trainer

  • Specialising in injury rehab

  • Specialising in weight loss and total body fitness 


Rules for Private Sessions :

  • Scheduled on any day between Monday to Saturday as per mutually agreed time.

  • Sessions are designed keeping in mind the individual's requirements and goals.

  • Participants receive feedback and correction. 

  • Exercises are executed to enhance one's learning and performance.

NOTE: If you have any injury, we highly recommend a private session so that proper guidance and exercise can be offered to progress the best way forward.



Children have been forced to stay inside with increased screen time instead of going outdoors to play. Through these sessions they can finally enjoy the physical activity they deserve and let out any extra energy. The sessions are aimed to increase flexibility and help children de-stress with the addition of music, making it a fun time for all!

  • Validity is for 30 days.

  • All sessions must be completed within the 30 day window

  • Enquire now to find out the available slots and timings.

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Employee Wellness Programmes

We have conducted creative pilates sessions as a one off and regular basis with corporate houses to MNCs.

  • Clients ranging from national to international organisations.  

  • Explore movements around a Restorative Pilates flow, correct your Posture, Take an office break, Move & Reset etc 


If you are looking fun and interactive ways to work on your employees’ health and wellness, get in touch with us on to discuss the opportunity further.

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